New Article Published in bioRxiv

This study provides mechanistic insights into the interactions between the rostral forelimb area (RFA) and the caudal forelimb area (CFA). Specifically, we provide evidence for a differential impact of RFA on CFA depending on the task phase and the targeted CFA layers.

New Article Published in bioRxiv

Our results resolve long-standing questions about the dynamical structure of cortical activity associated with movement, and illuminate the dynamical perturbation experiments needed to understand how neural circuits throughout the brain generate complex behavior.

New Article Published in Nature Communications

We demonstrate cross-subject and cross-session generalization in a decoding task through alignments of low-dimensional neural manifolds, providing evidence of a conserved neuronal code.

New Article Published in bioRxiv

To study behavioral flexibility in freely-moving mice, we developed a versatile, low-cost, open-source behavioral setup, called FreiBox, allowing us to investigate the neuronal correlates of licking-based behavioral flexibility.

Dr. Artur Schneider is awarded two junior prizes for his doctoral thesis

The Bernstein-CorTec Award honors outstanding scientific achievements in the field of Computational Neuroscience and Neurotechnology. The Thomas Bayer Young Investigator Award recognizes outstanding theses in the field of data analysis and modeling in the life sciences. In 2022, both prizes are awarded to Dr. Artur Schneider for his Doctoral thesis.

Lab outing October, 2022

The way is arduous, but it is worth it: excursion to the castle ruins between Freiburg-St. Georgen and Ebringen.

Congratulations to Dr. Artur Schneider!

Congratulations to Artur Schneider for an awesome dissertation defense on a “Toolbox for the Analysis of Motor Dynamics during unrestrained Behavior”.

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